Promotional Spandex

SP-2770 Sportek Poly-Spandex stretch Zig-Zag perforated mesh for sportswear
  Sportek Poly-Spandex stretch Zig-Zag perforated mesh for sportswear, Cycling wear with MaxDri moisture management PFP White ready...
SP-0626 Hybrid flat back wicko mesh with PFP for sublimation
Hybrid flat back wicko mesh with PFP for sublimation and black back reversible with Maxdri for sportswear, tops, this is a...
SP-314 Sportek Brand softshell with poly weaved face
Sportek Brand softshell with poly woven face and Zirotec microfleece back with DWR finish for water resistance a...
SP-405 Sportek Poly-Spandex Textured Tricot
Sportek Poly-Spandex Textured Tricot for leggings, Swimwear tops and Bra. PFP White is ready for sublimation. The special...
Color Card Price $9.50
Look decent in this baby pink-colored printed spandex design. The product is perfect for dresses and skirts but...
Stay comfortable and warm with SP-T53 Sportek Thermal Air-Flow Stretch Fleece. This high-performance first-layer thermals feature a 4-way...
PRO-300 Pro-Stretch Spandex Fleece Thermal
$7.60Color Card Price $6.00
Sportek Pro-Stretch Single Veloured 4 Way Stretch Functional Fleece with Jersey Face and Functional Fleece back. Warm, Durable...
Color Card Price $9.50
Dictate the mood with this sublimation printed spandex. It feels like wearing stretcheable jeans when using this fabric...
Color Card Price $9.50
  Content: 95% Cotton 5% Polyester Mesh Weight:Width:58-60 inch
Color Card Price $9.50
Content: 100% Viscose TwillWeight:Width:53-54 inch
$3.95 Yard $2.00
$3.50 Yard $1.75
$6.50 Yard $4.50
$5.50 Yard $4.00
Yard $9.50
Color Card Price $9.50
$7.60 Yard $6.00
Color Card Price $9.50
Yard $9.50
Yard $9.50