Our Stretch Mesh is the best!!!

Spandex is a distinguished name in the Fabric Industry popularly that is best known for creating a wide collection of stretch mesh fabrics. Different patterns, multi-colors, customized technology that meets all of our stretch spandex customers’ needs.

Spandex is the market leader when it comes to measuring its market value in terms of import, conversion, and distribution circle of Stretch Mesh, Active wears, Football wear, Sportswear and many other fabrics for different areas. The company has years of experience almost two decades, in creating apparels for various Industries based in the US, Canada, and even Mexico as well.

Its Stretch mesh fabric is versatile, can be used for many applications, and is durable.

We are a dedicated team of professionals who proudly supplies Swimwear, Cycling wear, Dance wear and many other fabrics for different usage areas.  Our inventory is huge so one can find most of the fabric prior to ordering.
Usage Areas

  • Spandex Fabric is widely used in Jerseys because the fabric is breathable, very comfortable, and very light in weight.
  • Can be used for ballet dancing or doing workouts in tights clothes.
  • The stretch mesh forms a perfect option for designing swimsuits and sometimes backpacks pockets.
  • Various color options and styles make it a perfect choice.

Let us see some of our strength mesh

  1. Nylon-Spandex Power Mesh

85% nylon and rest spandex. This ultimately soft but stretchy mesh make it a perfect option for sports, dancing, Yoga, cycling, swimming, and much more.

  1. Nylon-Spandex Power Net Mesh

84 % nylon and rest spandex. This type of stretch mesh is used for designing sportswear, lingerie, medical, and much more.

  1. Perforated Mesh-Nylon-Spandex

76% Nylon and rest Spandex. This stretchy mesh is best suited for cycling, athletes, and sports.

  1. Perforated Mesh Poly-spandex

92% polyester and rest spandex. This mesh is especially designed for cyclist and sports. 

  1. Poly-Spandex Illusion Mesh

89% Poly and rest Spandex. Mainly used for Golf, Hand wear, running, Yoga, cycling, and much more. Comes with SPF 50 that is sun protection factor and hence protects your body from harmful UV rays coming from the Sun.

  1. Compression Mesh for Football

89% Poly and rest Spandex designed especially for Football. Can be used for skiing, Football matches, and much more.

  1. Ultra-Pin Dot Mesh

100% Polyester material used for designing clothes for cycling, Football, running, and much more.

  1. Alpha Tek-Mesh

85% Poly and rest Spandex. Designed for swimming, cycling, Yoga, sports, and much more. Comes integrated with an anti-microbial coating that protects human skin from any microbial infections.

  1. Super Mesh Poly Spandex Eyele Mesh

88% Poly and rest Spandex.  This Fabric is best suited for cycling, athletes, and sportswear.

Spandex is known for handling various home projects, individuals, and store’s needs.  You can choose Spandex stretch meshand make your clothing the best of all.  Our fabric availability in foil, metallic, or normal finishes really makes it appealing. Its quality is comparatively higher and no customer has come up with any of the issue so far.  Many colors, brilliant patterns, ultimate moisture management is what makes us different from our competitors.

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