Cotton and Bamboo Spandex Jersey

Bamboo textiles are made out of bamboo fibers. Bamboo is known for its wooden structural values; however, recent technology was able to invent a new material out of bamboo which is thread/fibers. Bamboo fiber itself is a new material but the thread industry started to combine it with other materials such as wide arrange of textiles including spandex. The bamboo is first crushed into tiny pieces before the natural enzyme decays and absorbs water and washes it to break down the surface of the bamboo fiber.

Cotton and bamboo spandex jersey are made from organic material and for comfort. They are both organic materials so it is highly recommended for sportswear since it is breathable and skin-friendly. Friction will not irritate the skin, in fact, it will actually absorb the sweat and it dries quickly so it is perfect for athletes and more. Sportek has a wide arrange of cotton and bamboo spandex jersey it is a perfect place to find the perfect design with high quality.
It’s organic and yet highly functional properties make it so valuable, it is also anti-bacterial. Studies show that bamboo fabrics have a certain level of anti-bacterial property against certain diseases as Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli. So it actually protects the skin from harsh environments. It is a perfect layer for outside sports activities where there are a lot of suns, water, and forests. Any encounter with the layer of bamboo spandex jersey will protect you from skin infections from the environment.

Sportek International has been the most trusted brand in the textile industry since 1991. Our goal and mission statement at Sportek is to serve our customers and navigate them through the process and through our capabilities to further help them and their brands reach their maximum potential. We are recognized as the largest suppliers of spandex, stretch and functional fabrics in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. We specialize in areas such as technical, functional, circular/ tricot knit, woven stretch fabrics as well as sublimation and custom digital printing. We are focused on supplying to the activewear, yoga wear, sportswear, and sublimation industries.

Our innovation and creativity have allowed us to help our clients stay in a competitive rapidly growing and changing apparel industry. Sportek provides clients with the latest and most up to date styles. The Sportek brand fabrics ensure that all its textiles are only of the most premium of quality. Our sources are tested and kept up to the high standards. Sportek understands that our customers can be in very time restricted situations. Sportek logistics, with its sophisticated stock system, has the quickest turnaround time on its orders, as well as sample orders.

  • Aug 14, 2019
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