SP-YM5PFP Sportek Yoga Mat PU/ BLACK Rubber

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Sportek Yoga Mat PU/ BLACK Rubber 5MM 73.20x26.40 in

  • THICK ECO-FRIENDLY NATURAL RUBBER YOGA MAT - This is a high quality/high-performance mat, made from eco-friendly natural PU Rubber. 
  • ECO-FRIENDLY - ATiny Bit Fit mats are made from non-toxic materials, which do not contain latex or silicone and is guaranteed phthalate-free. Our products are produced using earth-friendly manufacturing techniques. Let’s take care of ourselves and our planet.
  • PERFECT FOR HOT YOGA - The eco-friendly natural rubber is designed to manage sweaty situations. You are not going to find a firmer grip. Don't take our word for it, try it. Send it back if you don't like it. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Thickness: 5MM 

Width: 73.20x26.40 in

Material: PU + Natural Rubber

Features: Anti-slip Sweat Durable Widening

Apply: Yoga Gymnasium Sitting Fitness

Afraid of oil:
PU rubber pad surface fine pores so that it has quick-drying, so easy to contaminate stains, especially oil, including human body oil, in order to reduce the pollution rate, not in contact with oily substances in the surface, before use, please ensure that hands and feet Clean, no oil
PU rubber mat began to taste some because we did not add chemical fragrance to cover, this is the taste of natural rubber itself, environmental health, please rest assured that use. The smell will be slowly dispersed in the course of use, if you are sensitive to the smell, please put it in place for a period of time before use
Do not use clean products containing tea tree oil or oily ingredients. It is advisable to use a pot of water containing a little light soap, wet with a sponge, squeeze excess water, wipe it, and then spread it dry. Residual liquid on the yoga mat surface.  
To dry:
After cleaning or after use, please put it in a ventilated shade to dry naturally, do not touch!
When storing, please face out, roll up to prevent wrinkles, do not fold the PU surface, to prevent adhesion