Sportek PBT Warp Knit Tricot Fabric

Introducing the latest innovation in performance fabric: Sportek PBT Warp Knit Tricot. Engineered with cutting-edge PBT technology, this fabric sets a new standard for super stretch high-performance tricot. With a composition of 70% PBT and 30% Polyester, it delivers unmatched durability, flexibility, and comfort, ensuring you perform at your best in any activity.

Composition and Specifications: Sportek PBT Warp Knit Tricot is crafted with precision, comprising 70% PBT and 30% Polyester. This strategic blend combines the strength and resilience of PBT with the versatility of Polyester, resulting in a fabric that excels in various applications.

  • Weight: Weighing in at 170 GSM (grams per square meter), this fabric strikes the perfect balance between lightweight comfort and durability. It offers ample coverage without feeling bulky or restrictive.

  • Width: With a generous width of 60-62 inches, Sportek PBT Warp Knit Tricot provides ample fabric for your projects. Whether you're crafting activewear, swimwear, or other performance garments, this width ensures maximum yield and efficiency.

Unparalleled Performance: Sportek PBT Warp Knit Tricot is designed to elevate your performance to new heights. Its super stretch capability allows for unrestricted movement, making it ideal for dynamic activities such as sports, fitness, and dance. Whether you're stretching, jumping, or sprinting, this fabric moves with you, providing the flexibility you need to excel.

Durability and Longevity: Built to withstand the rigors of intense workouts and frequent use, Sportek PBT Warp Knit Tricot boasts exceptional durability. The PBT fibers are known for their resistance to chlorine, sunlight, and harsh chemicals, ensuring that your garments retain their shape and color wash after wash. Additionally, the Polyester component adds further strength and resilience, making this fabric a long-lasting investment in your performance wardrobe.

Versatility and Applications: Sportek PBT Warp Knit Tricot's versatility knows no bounds. Whether you're designing activewear, swimwear, dancewear, or athleisure, this fabric delivers on all fronts. Its smooth texture and vibrant color retention make it a favorite among designers looking to create standout garments that perform as good as they look. From sleek leggings and sports bras to stylish swimsuits and dance costumes, the possibilities are endless with Sportek PBT Warp Knit Tricot.

Conclusion: In summary, Sportek PBT Warp Knit Tricot is a game-changer in the world of performance fabric. With its innovative PBT technology, super stretch capabilities, and durable construction, it offers unmatched comfort, flexibility, and longevity. Whether you're a professional athlete, fitness enthusiast, or fashion designer, this fabric is sure to exceed your expectations. Experience the difference of Sportek PBT Warp Knit Tricot and take your performance to the next level.

  • Apr 09, 2024
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